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They came, they saw, they left.

Posted on July 10, 2019 at 2:30 AM

As we all know, all good things must come to an end, now after 10 weeks,Joseph and Nairesho have gone home.

Continuing from our last note,  One of Josephs greatest highlights was finally meeting our son Nathan, whom he had been waiting to meet for many years,... and now they got to meet Nathan, Ina and their 2 boys. Over the few days we spent many special times together, one of them taking the ferry boat in & our of Brisbane. South Bank was a surprise for them seeing a beach and swimming, with beautiful gardens in the middle of the city. 

     After a few days it was time for us to head home, and after our first night on the road again, we had a bit of a set-back. We had made arrangements to hook up with Gail again at a designated spot in the morning and luckily we did, cause when we stopped, Bob noticed diff oil spewed across the front of our camper. Luckily we had only been on the road about an hour, and it had just happened, so we unhitched the camper and limped the Pajero into the next town of Gilgandra.  Needing to change the seals and clip from the diff and axle,  the job could not be done there, so RAA came and collected our car and camper and delivered us to Dubbo, where the car could be fixed and we could set up our camper in the caravan park for the next 3 days.  Thanks RAA for taking care of us during that time.                        Now you would think being broken down would be a hassle, but for me personally, i was quietly thankful, because it meant i had 3 days where i could work solely on finishing the 100 page coffee table book i was making for Joseph and Nairesho to take home.... so i was thankful and excited when i got to upload the book. Lucky i did it then, because we didn't receive the finished book until the day before they left to go home.  

In the last 2 weeks back home, we did sightseeing around the city, took a tram out to Glenelg etc, but a trip to Australia wouldn't be complete until you get to hold a Koala, so we spent the day at Gorge wildlife park.  As far as Kangaroos go,  well, they had been lucky so far, with kangaroos visiting our own water bowls in front of our house, seeing them on our trip, but the most memorable would have to be feeding the baby joey her bottle of milk.  My sister Pauline visited one day with one of her rescued orphan Joeys, so it was fun to watch a baby kangaroo hopping around in our house and learning first hand all about them and their needs. Thanks Pauline.            Actually Joseph was happy that they actually got to meet all of my sisters and Bobs brother and sister as well.     

The sad day came around when they had to head home. Nairesho was by now, rather home sick to see their 7 children, but i am sure Joseph would of liked to stay a lot longer.  Their flight home was via China with a 6 hour stop before arriving back in Nairobi at 6am on Friday 14th June.  Their was a huge contigency of friends there to greet them at the airport,  but even more waiting for them back home.   Even tho they were extremely exhausted from the long trip, (being around 30 hours)  around 300 friends and family were waiting to greet THE CONQUORING  HERO's as they called them.  Everyone wanted to hear the tales of the far-away land, what they did and what they saw.  2 sheep were slaughtered to feed the multitudes at this very special occassion.  Naturally all the women were VERY keen to hear from Nairesho to get the  womens   side of the story,  but also knowing that Nairesho is the only maasai women from their area to ever leave the country,  they could not get enough of her stories.  Hopefully the book, the diary,  the 1000's of photos and  all the video's  i made for them will help them be able to share and re-live all the memories they made along the way. We supplied a laptop for them to take home so they are able to view all those memories as well as hearing the sounds along the way.  Photos are wonderful, but it is the SOUNDs of your voice and the music you heard along the way that often bring back memories.

So,  now we start again.   It is up to Joseph and Nairesho to help guide and give advise to Samson and his wife Purity, so they have an idea of what to expect and prepare, as we start our preparations for their visit in  2021.   

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