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2020.... what a year!!

Posted on May 2, 2020 at 1:20 AM

As we all know 2020 has been a testing time for all of us, right across the world, however, it started for us back in January. For those who are unaware,  Bob had a heart attack & cardiac arrest  while we were on holiday in Victoria.

Like many people when having a heart attack,  Bob thought it was a bout of bad indegestion, and being unfit, so didnt act on it.  But, after the actual heart attack on the Thursday night, and not doing anything about it,  Saturday morning found him in a MICA ambulance taken to Ballarat hospital in a very bad way.  In the cath lab, as they started to work on him, he had a full cardiac arrest, and was gone for 40 minutes, taking 8 good zapps to get him back, before they could clear the blockage in his artery.  The good news is that he was hooked up with all the machines and prepared for such a probelm, making sure he was still getting blood and ogygen to his brain etc,  so he is extrememly lucky to come out of the event with no obvious issues. (Speach, memory etc, all in tact)!  So we learnt that from that Thrusday to the Saturday, his heart was fighting, but was losing the battle due to the scaring the time delay caused. By Saturday morning, his heart was working at 30% capacity.:(   Fast Forward.. Now,  it is 2nd May,  and Bob has just come out of hospital again after having a defibulator installed into his chest.    He is now a  BIONIC MAN  who comes with  his very  own  instruction manual.:lol: He has a long way to go to build up his heart muscle etc,  but,  he is doing very well, and just has to take it slow and steady.   So all positive stuff and he cant wait to get away again.!!

We had opened the gallery for a couple of weeks in February, but once the covid19 hit, we had no choice but to close, as the risk to Bob would be fatal,... so,   we closed early, sorry if there was any inconvenience to anyone,  BUT, assuming there is no more threat of the virus, we are quite sure that we will be up and ready for the new season to open  in October..... hopefully we might see some of you in the new season.   

I realise this corona virus has everyone biting at the bit to get out and do all those things we know and love,... so i hope you are all handling the restrictions, ....I keep thinking of those years when there was choice,.... black outs in the war,   etc etc...:/:roll:  i know it COULD  be a lot worse than just having to stay home for a few weeks,... but, i know we all are looking forward to brighter days,... and i see them coming.!!:):D   See you then with bells on!!

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