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plus other forms of help and donations:

JANE BOOTH for sewing school book bags. MENINGIE PRIMARY SCHOOL for text books 

Plus of-course ....

The many Cash donations from customers who visited our Afrcian Garden Gallery, SANTOS & Bob's many co-workers in Australia and Bangladesh, & ALWAYS.... dear family & friends.

Please also see FOOTNOTE at bottom of page.


We would like to take the time to THANK all those people and business' who have helped to make this quest become a reality. We put out a call, and were amazed by the care and generosity that was offered. Some were able to donate complete items, and others were able to give us discounts making it easier for us to make the purchases. What ever the support that has been given, this year, as in the past, it has always gone a long way to helping others.

As we say, we are not business, and have no medical backgrounds, but we asked for a wish list from the doctors whom we have personally met, and tried to get what we could. Sometimes it was simply useful information we needed to track down the right items, but it is with heartfelt gratitude & respect that WE, the doctors of Lodwar and Aitong AND the general community people themsleves that thank you ALL for your contributions, trust and support.

The medical equipment that has all been donated in KENYA again this year is making lives easier for the doctors of LODWAR hospital in Turkana district in the Northern Frontier of Kenya

and also AITONG community health clinic which treats maasai communities from a wide area in the North-west region of the Maasai Mara.

This year, we are also taking a few smaller items to TALEK hospital at the southern end of the Maasai Mara.

Please take time to read my UP-DATE FOOTNOTE regarding our 'current' situation at the end of the page.  

The blog below (was originally written on our blog before we left Australia) describes each of our supporters contributions as they were donated to us...

You should see our house now, medical equipment everywhere. We are not complaining, far from it, we are in awe of the generosity of those people who donate what they can, so that we can deliver it to the hospitals in Kenya. Just like previous years, HEALTHSCOPE here in South Australia have donated yet again... this time there are about 3 or 4 microscopes, 1 of which is for training... the teacher and student can both look at the same thing at the same time and discuss what they see; another is a portable m.scope which will be handy when going to some regional areas. Also, Healthscope have included 2 new ECG machines and are currently getting a few accessories to go with the machine. They even had a ditial camera there that they thought someone might find useful. You bet-ya Blake. Your a gem!!! Thanks a million.

Also on the list of donations is a few items from OMRON HEALTHCARE. We asked about ear thermometers and blood pressure machines (being on the Lodwar hospital wish list) and the OMRON company was eager to help out and donate 5 of each, That was simply amazing and we can't thank them Just coming from a operation myself, i was able to see the benefit of those new whiz-bang ear thermometers... they are great, especially for kids cause they are so quick and not so invasive.

Another company who were happy to support the people of Kenya was Monica from MEDLAB. They donated a ECG machine, infusion pump and a waterbath for 6 - 12 test tubes. Once again particularly requested on the wish lest. Nice to be able to tick off some of the requests that the hospital had asked for, thanks to the caring people of Medlab.

Another great donation that made us go 'ooh-ah' about was the Drill, Oselating saw and Reamer with the 3 batteries and charger that was donated to us by DONATIONS IN KIND, who also supplied a couple of blood monitors, for use with drips.etc. These items were on the wish list from Lodwar hospital and we were 'very' surprised to find a set came up. The drill etc is used for orthopedic surgery, - inserting pin, plates and screws into bone. Naturally, we did not know a lot about all these things but Mary Lou Bishop of CONMED, Linvatec was ever so helpful giving us advise on which chucks and bits fit the equipment we have, plus, she also donated a box of drills bits etc. Once again, Strange how some things just pop up at the right time.!!

Naturally, all these micropscopes and machines etc that take power to run, are also using a Australian plug, which meant we had to change the plug to Kenyan or buy a heap of travel adaptors. We noted that we needed 10 adaptors to fill our immediate needs. After speaking with Ashley, the managing director of KORJO who make these international travel adaptors, and reading our blog, they were particularly keen to help the cause and donated 14 adaptors to be used in Kenya. Help like this really does go a long way, and we are thankful for their support in this regard.

Speaking of drill bits, we also managed to purchase a new set of 'dental drill bits' to work with the portable dental unit we bought last year for Aitong clinic. We we very fortunate and grateful to P & J STEINLECHNER for supplying the sets of drill bits at a good discount and also donating a few more to make up the set.

Not knowing if the unit worked or not, we took it to BATTERY WORLD here in Mt. Barker, who took the unit to see if the charger was actually working, Once it had been established that the charger worked, BATTERYWORLD made another big effort for us and said they would re-pack all 3 batteries for us as their donation, saving us quite a sum of money. So, thank you once again for helping with just the right job and the right time.!! Now that we have the correct advice from MaryLou, Bob can now purchase the correct chucks and drills for the drill plus the other accessories needed. (E.bay & other medical sites are all getting a good work-out lately)!!!!

Aside from the items mentioned above, we are also taking over some 'birthing kits & caeserian kits, dopplers (for pregnancy. Can hear the baby hearts etc) more dental drills ect. We will be buying physio equipment in Nairobi, as we learnt last year that buying things there was cheaper than the transport / freight costs to take them with us.

I have been busy sewing school book bags so the kids dont have to carry their school books in plastic shopping bags that break so readily. We were also fortunate to have 177 bags donated to us from STRATHALBYN VETERINARY CLINIC, (who last year donated the portable ultra sound machine) these bags will be used for school books and with so many kids, that is a great help; as is the help that has been offered to me by a couple of women who have offered to make some bags to help out the cause, One of those woman being Jane Booth who made a lovely collection of school book bags and with her husband Edward, taking time to deliver them this morning. Thanks so much for the effort, it is truly appreciated.

Speaking of the ultrasound machine, it reminds me also of the special donation of a convex probe needed to work with the ultrasound machine. This major piece of equipment was donated by CHOICE MEDICAL SYSTEMS, to whom we are extremely grateful for the probe, AND useful advise, steering us in the right directions.

MENINGIE PRIMARY SCHOOL also came to the call and donated a few boxes of school text books which will be shared between Olemoncho and Kineti Primary schools. We are very happy for these donations as the only text books these schools had, was the few books that we have delivered over the years or purchased last year.

Thanks to the sales of our photos over the last few months since Sept. last year, we will be able to donate $2000- to Sheldrick wildlife Trust. With poaching being so high again, there have been many young elephants, and rhino that have been rescued. Without Sheldricks there, they would simply die a horrible death. They deserve every bit of help they can get and selling our african photos has always been our way raising money especially for them.

FOOTNOTE 25TH OCTOBER 2013: We have been in Mombasa for the past 4 weeks waiting for our car to arrive so we can commence our journey. While we have been here, we have been doing homework on where we can source the extra items we intend buying here in Kenya. We finally got to sit and chat with Dr. Roberts from Lodwar the other night, and have discussed his order of preference of his needs and how we shall deliver them to Lodwar. 

We have now found a place in Nairobi that we can purchase the new equipment, first and foremost being a TWIN BOTTLE SUCTION SET, 2 CESAREAN KITS, & A DELIVERY KIT which we have arranged to buy on the day we arrive in Nairobi,.... our only next items we are trying to source, are the FINGER PULSE OXI METER which are enormously expensive here in Nairobi for some reason, so we are still trying to see if we can source one via Australia. As soon as we can purchase these items, we will be delivering them to Lodwar Hospital, Aitong clinic and possibly Talek hospital. As yet, it depends on cost as to how many we can purchase. The cash so far has been for purchasing the immediate medical equipment requested, after this, we will be speaking with the schools and communities around the Aitong /Olemoncho area to get an accurate up-date of what is most needed. As you can imagine, everywhere you look, you see places in great need. High my list is seeing if the water 'spring' has been fixed yet, or if it is something we can do.... i also know a couple of schools that badly need toilets,... so where do we start. As our next few weeks unfold, i will try to keep you updated as to what has happened. Until then. Thankyou.

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