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Hi Aymeric &Julie. Sorry it taken so long to reply. Strangely enough i have only just seen your message in our weebsite guestbook now. My appologies for not seeing it earlier. I see you planned on passinf through Adelaide hills in late November, we never heard from you, so i am not sure if it was because you didnt get here, or more to the point because you never got a reply from me in the first place!! What a shame, so sorry to of missed you. Am guessing you are back in Sydney by now? Well, just wanted to say hi & let you know what happened. Maybe next time!?! We are heading back to Africa in May, so i will be back to my blog again. Nice meeting you guys, thanks for the message, sorry it was noticed sooner. Cheryl

Aymeric & Julie

Hi Cheryl and Bob

it was great chatting to you a couple of days ago at the banyan tree park near Litchfield NP and after checking into your website I realised the 15 mn chat was not even a scratch on the surface ;)

we are the French Sydney based family travelling towards the west and we would love to stop at your place later in the year and hear more about your fabulous travels

we should be around the Adelaide hills by late November so we'll be in touch by then

safe travels

Aymeric & Julie


Hi cheryl&bob pleasure meeting u the other day at red centre farm mangoes great pics enjoy your trsvels back home cheers lyle

Ross Mengel

Hi Bob and Cheryl

Hope you are both well. Seems a long time since seeing you again at Planet Baobab, even though it's only been a couple of weeks. We're back in Joburg now, after heading from Planet Baobab up to Chobe, where we ended up staying at Kubu Lodge, then travelled down through Zimbabwe via the Falls, then Hwange and Motopos. Let us know when you're in Joburg, so that hopefully we can hook up and have that drink around the fire we had intended to have in Chobe.

Best wishes from Ross, Natascha, Oliver and Claudia.

Olivia Green

Hi Cheryl and Bob,

Like Christine, I was very happy to have read your story in The Courier and have been happily reading your blog. I remember helping you with your last trip to Kenya, while I was with Flight Centre (I'm now a mummy of a 6wk old baby boy, Cooper) Your work is amzing and very inspiring! I hope to follow your path one of these days and will definately be coming out to see your garden!

All the best, Olivia


G'day Christine.... thanks so much for taking the time to email us. It's nice to get feedback that people are really reading this site. I'm glad our site got you all inspired, maybe you too will head off into the wilds one day.... who knows what the future will bring. Look forward to your visit when you come. I am just preparing now for the Callington show on Sunday. lots of work.!!

Christine Owen

Hello Cheryl and Bob. I am not sure if my last message got to you I made a mistake with the words in the box below. Anyway to recap, I remember having lovely chats and visits from you when I owned the florist in Strathalbyn, many moons ago. I saw the lovely artical about you in the Courier, when I was out tonight, coped down your web address came home and have been having a great time reading your blog and looking at your pictures. Fantastic, you have certainly got my travel and 'want to do something worthwhile' juices flowing. I look forward to visiting your garden when you open in November and will catch up with you then. Cheers for now Christine Owen

sammy Mbogo

Thanks once again for donating Microscopes at Lodwer Hospital. Its your friend sammy at olpejeta conservancy.

sammy Mbogo

Hi bob & Cheryl for the wonderful work you are doing in saving the orphaned elephants at sheldricks wildlife trust


Hi Cheryl & Bob, a truly remarkable journey you have travelled. It is something to be proud of. Photos are excellent and so colourful. Good luck in all you do.


Gidday A Cheryl and U Bob, Great to see the work that you are doing, I have no doubt that the sacrafices youare both making with have a generational effect - keep up the great work


nice of you to think so. i tell you, it's challenging my computer skills. but i am sure i will learn more as i go.

Ina Kovarskis

This website looks great! You 2 are awesome! Now we can all keep up to date of your work in Africa!


hello, nice of you to take the time.... feel free if you like to leave any comments,

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